10 Dishes that will make you puke right away

Food is one of the favorite things on Earth for humans. There are a lot of delicacies in the world that one can enjoy among all the different cuisines. The Swiss make the best chocolates while the French and the English know their way around bakery. Some cuisines like the Indian or the Mexican are too spicy, while there are bland cuisines like some of the dishes in the English foods. However, each one has their own special taste. Some of the talented chefs in the world present their dishes in beautiful manners. These dishes demand to be immortalized in pictures. However, there are some foods on the other end of the spectrum, which will have you puking. Thinking about these dishes for too long may kill your appetite.


In Iceland, this is a famous dish. It is made with fermented shark carcasses.

Dried Lizards

This is a delicacy in China. If you cannot stand lizards on your wall, surely you must not think much about this dish either.

Insect Chocolate

Ever enjoyed a chocolate pudding? Or just chocolate? Like some fruits and nuts in it? In Poland, there is a dessert which has insects topped up on chocolate pieces.

Tuna Eyeballs

When it comes to eating parts of a fish, Japan sometimes takes the weird road. This dish serves none of the other parts of the fish except the eyes on ice chips and with a side of leafy vegetables.

Fried Grasshoppers

There are many countries which prefer insects as sources of protein. Thailand is one of them.

Fried Rats

Another spicy delicacy from China. Surely you want to start puking now.


Koreans are also among the group with their weird experiments with food. Sannakji is a dish made out of raw octopus; sticky, slimy, and rubbery.

Fried Spider

The people who jump at the name of a spider will be in shock. Cambodians actually pay money to someone to eat spiders.


This may be one of the most horrifying dishes. In Philippines, people eat Balut, a dish made by boiling the embryo of a duck.

Yak Penis

Last but not the least. Chinese people serve this organ as a food, and it is quite pricy too.

These are just some of the weirdest foods that are there in the world. There are many more which will make you sick. Most of these foods are eaten in the Oriental countries and you should be on a lookout when visiting them and wanting to try the local cuisine.

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