12 indoor plants to keep bugs away

Those bugs and tiny insects are irritating enough to liquidate all your charm for home gardening. However, how about planting some of such plants that will keep all these insects away? Isn’t it really great? Thus, in this post, we will enlist 12 indoor plants that we help you in keeping all these bugs away.

Citronella Grass

Citronella oil is very frequently used components in mosquito repellant products. This is a low-maintenance as well as life-saver rooter that you can easily plant in your garden.


This is among the prettiest flower that will beautify for yard and will also make it bug-free. It is recommendable to place Marigold at the corners of the home, will restrict the mosquitoes to enter.


Catnip is a version of drug that attracts the cats; however, it is again the best mosquito repellant. Some studies even claim it to be even more effective than those main chemicals used in most insect repellants.


Lavender spread such a smell that makes people fall in love with it, and all the mosquitoes to run away. You can easily set this at your window having sun rays and it will eventually brighten up your home.

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