15 India Dishes That Aren’t Really Indian

When we talk about food, India is the best land where you can taste a variety of dishes. In the list of a large menu of this country, there exist some dishes which are actually not Indian. Given below is the list of those dishes.


The meat curry which is loved by the non-vegetarians in India is actually not Indian.   People usually have a thinking that it is a dish of Goa but in reality, it is a Portuguese dish.

Gulab Jamun

Those sweet sugary hot served khoya balls which are brown in color are just mouthwatering. They are not from India but they belong to Persian culture.


The sugary delight which is quite a famous dish in India came to this land in 1990’s.  It actually belongs to the Middle East.

Filter Coffee

The people of South lover having filter coffee in the breakfast. You might think it has roots in India but actually not. It was developed by Sufi saint Baba Budan while he was on a pilgrimage to Mecca.

Dal Bhaat

The typical Dal Chawal with Mango is loved by Indian people. It is an everyday dish which basically came here from Nepal.

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