5 Car Maintenance Tips For The Summer

The stifling temperature of summer magnifies the impact that routine driving could have on our vehicle. And hence taking a good care of your car specifically in summers is immensely essential that might include ensuring that the air conditioning unit is all set to keep us cool to making sure that the engine is being prepped to run smoothly.

Therefore, in this post, we will provide few of the essential tips to keep your vehicle in tip-top shape this summer.

Keep Your Engine Cool

If there appears to be a rising temperature outside, then it is surely going to heat up your engine as well. Thus, it is really necessary to keep the engine cool to avoid the overheated motor that leads to ultimate summer breakdowns. A liquid mix made up of antifreeze and water commonly known as coolant appears to be at the center of your vehicle’s internal cool-down process.

It is highly recommendable to keep a close eye on coolant levels under the hood once in few weeks at least.

AC Unit Inspection

Driving the car without the proper functioning of air conditioner is pathetic specifically in summers. And for making sure that our AC is functioning well, it is quite necessary to get it inspected at the regular intervals. In summers, AC breakdown is the most common problem that we come across and thus taking a good care of it is essential. It is recommendable to get the certified servicing done rather than opting for some local vendor.

Windshield Wipers replacement

Wipers are considered to be one such part of the car that is being used in summer thunderstorms as well as in the monsoon-equivalent rain-dumping nature. Therefore, spring is the most suitable time to get your wiper blades switched off with a new set. Also, apart from getting the blades changed, it is also recommendable to keep your washer fluid full throughout the season.

Change your oil frequently

Many of the users are not even aware that there is a properly laid down schedule for oil change in your car. This schedule is required to be strictly followed in order to ensure the long-lasting maintenance of your vehicle. If you’ve got long road trips on the horizon, then it is essential to get your oil changed. During summer travel, follow your manual’s elevated maintenance schedule.

Check Your Tires

Though, this should have been on top of this list, however, being the most common one, we have kept it at the last. Checking the pressure in the tires as and when it climbs into the 80s and 90s is really essential, as this is the time when your tires are at a higher risk for a blowout.

These are few of the essential tips that one is required to take care in order to ensure the long lasting life of your vehicle. You can also take some extra precautions from your end like keeping the seats clean etc, this will also enhance the overall life of your car.

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