9 Objects To Discard For Best Vastu For Your Home

Vastu better known as Vastu Shastra is the traditional system of an architecture according to Hindu traditions. There are texts found on Indian subcontinent which clears the principles of designs, layout, measurement, space arrangement, ground preparation etc.

According to Vastu, there are certain objects which are not good for your home and you should discard them immediately. Given below is the list of the same.

Broken Items

It is said that when you keep broken glasses, frames crockery, dishes and defused bulbs at home it produces negativity. So it’s better to discard them. Even in the case of electrical appliances, if they are not working they should be thrown right away as they result in sadness and depression.  Also, take care that watches should be working or if they are broken, discard them too.

Paintings which depict violence

If your house has paintings which depict violence, war or angry animals, just discard them. It is said that this kind of paintings result in aggression and for married couples, it can ruin their relationship.

Objects of Sadness

If your house consists of a painting of crying baby or any other thing which represents pain and sorrow should be removed as they produce sad atmosphere at home.

Paintings which shows the flow of water

If your bedroom consists of paintings which show waterfall, sea, ocean, fish aquarium or rain, remove it right away as it results in financial loss to a person and results in negative prosperity.

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