Football Fever to continue; Dubai 2022 FIFA world cup is all you need

It’s a good news for the football lovers that the 22nd edition of the FIFA World Cup is going to take place in Qatar. It is for the very first time that the biggest tournament in Football will be taking place in the Middle East which is basically an Arab and a Muslim-majority country.

Here are the highlights of the FIFA World Cup 2022:

  • The matches won’t occur during the period of summer as the temperature in Qatar rises to 50 degrees in summer which is something intolerable. The tournament will begin from 22 November 2022 and the finals for the same will be conducted on 18 December 2022.

  • Qatar has five stadiums for the same where the matches will be conducted. The weather will be favorable during this time of the year and even the rulers have said that they will put in the best effort as a host country.

  • Though, there are speculations about the series to be conducted. People believe that as it is the Christmas period it would be tough to get the attention as people are busy with celebrations. On the other hand, January and February are months for Olympics, so conducting Football series during that period is also not possible. Things are yet to be decided in a complete row.

  • For the benefit of the football fans the host country is also working on the development of the transportation system. Presently the highway is 2500 km and the Qatar government plans to extend it to 8500 km before the Football series occur. Even it is expected to have light rail transport for the people who are coming in this host country.

  • Even public bus service and other public facilities will be increased by the time so as people do not face any kind of problem when they come there.

  • The World Cup is going to cost around 220 billion US$. This is actually about 60 times the amount which South Africa has spent in 2010 for the Football series.

Thus to conclude this series will be a great deal to watch and we hope that this country becomes a great host.


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