5 Common Problems In Toddlers And Their Easy Solutions

Toddlers are the little buds that are bloom every day and bring smile on the faces of their parents. However, raising a toddler is not easy. You may face a great number of problems with them in their growth years. In this post, we will discuss five common problems that toddlers face and some easy solutions for the same.

Toddlers have a disturbed sleep routine

This is a very common problem with toddlers that there sleep routine is not perfect. In that case, parents should take care that if their toddler gets up early in the morning, they should not make him sleep at around 11- 11.30 am. They should make toddler sleep for an hour around 10 am and after that when they have lunch that is after 1.30 pm for two hours. By this schedule can be set timely.

The child feels scared during sleep time

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This is a common issue that children mostly feel scared when they go off to bed. The reason behind this is there watching scary stories or listening to some voices which could make them scared. So it is advisable to make the bedtime of the child as cheerful as possible so that the child sleeps properly.

Lying to their parents

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It is mostly found that toddlers usually lie to their parents. It is just for fun and some children do it to grab attention. This lying problem should be taken care as later on it could develop into a habit. So in front of your children don’t ever lie and stop them at the very first stage and explain them not to do it again. Don’t take it as a joke.

Fussy food habits

Usually, toddlers have fussy food habits and parents should not accept it. They should make a proper schedule and give them full nutrition meal and made them eat it. If the schedule is maintained that the children will not develop fussy habits.


You might notice toddlers hitting you or showing anger. This is because they notice things. When they notice there elder siblings doing such acts with them, they start practicing on everyone. So make it a point to not show aggressive behavior in front of the little one and make him a lovable child.

Thus to conclude these are some of the common problems in toddlers and the solutions to it.



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