5 games that have claimed many lives, still people love to play


People search for the thrill in the most dangerous of the things possible. They tend to get more thrills when their life is at stake and love playing the following 5 games that have claimed hundreds of lives.

  1. Jallikattu

It is an Indian game traditionally held and played by the people of Tamil Nadu. In this game, the bulls are released into a place full of participants and the participants attempt to grab the hump of the bull and stay on it for as long as possible attempting to bring the bull to a halt. More than 43 people have succumbed to the game in the last 10 years.

  1. Base Jumping

If jumping off a plane with a parachute looked dangerous, Base jumping is similar but you jump from any high spot you find and deploy your parachute hoping to land safely. It has caused uncountable deaths usually unreported since the game is illegal in most parts of the world.

  1. Running with The Bulls

Held in Spain every year, this game was initially just a passage of the bulls from their breeding houses to the slaughterhouses where young men would jump and run with them to show their vigor. Now it has turned into a game held on the occasion of San Fermin which is a weeklong festival held every year in Spain with a high injury rate and mortality numbers.

  1. Bull Riding

Another game involving bulls, this game requires the player to ride a specially trained ferocious bull and stay on it for as long as possible totally at the mercy of the bull which of course tries to throw off the contestant and crush him to death or severely injure him. Initially originating in old Mexico, it is a popular game in today’s America.

  1. Horse Riding

Initially, you might not expect how dangerous horse riding can be. Riding on the back of an unpredictable animal who weights at least 8 times your weight is always dangerous if you look at it this way. Horse riding unsuspectedly is one of the most dangerous games and is known for gruesome deaths and nasty injuries.

So, these are the deadliest games that already have claimed a lot of lives yet are popular among the locals. Which one would you like to play?



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