5 Mistakes HR Commits While Managing The Workforce

Workforce management is considered to be the biggest task to be performed by the HR department. However, generally, HR people do not understand the crucial role that this aspect has in the entire management process. Though human resource management is typically complex procedure but taking an essential care of the entire workforce is the must. Since they do that take this aspect as serious as it should be, the HR team tend to commit the mistakes very often. In this post, we will be discussing the 5 major mistakes that HR people generally commit while managing their workforce.


This is the most common mistake that HR people tend to commit even unintentionally. It is a human tendency that we started liking somebody over others and start giving them preference in any way. Being biased among the workforce will surely hamper the overall productivity of the organization. It will not only demoralize the co-workers but also can create chaos among them. HR people generally tend to assign key roles or assignments only to a certain few employees, that somewhere creates an alliance between a boss and an employee. Therefore, it is always highly recommendable to keep the favoritism out of office.

Socializing too much with employees

While working together, people generally create a friendly alliance among themselves. Having a friendly relationship with the colleagues is good, but having the same relation to the HR department and the employees will result in everybody thinking alike. Though managers should have a healthy relationship with their employees at the same time, they must maintain a professional curtain. Not only HR team but also all the managers tend to lose their authority after being too much social with their employees. It comes under the primary duty of HR manager to keep the right balance at workplace.

Lack of written policies and standard operating procedures

It is quite essential to draft the clear policies for leaves, attendance, etc. These policies are nothing but to communicate the standard of acceptable behavior in an organization. Generally, the HR people become lenient to draft these policies that further give leniency to the employees to behave.  Rules and policies shrink the window of unprotected work ethics.

Degrading the importance of proper training

Training plays a vital role in enhancing the overall productivity of the employee. However, HR managers sometimes fail to understand the essence of training and hence try to cut shot the same. It is recommendable to make a healthy investment in training of employees to get the fruitful results later on. Training helps to smoother the functionality of the organization along with the wrinkle-free workflow.

Not delegating tasks properly or being too authoritative

Generally, employees do not seem to have clear goals to be achieved throughout the entire day. It is the prime responsibility of the HR manager to maintain a proper routine for their employees. That will be very much helpful for them to delegate to achieve the goal with the maximum utilization of their workforce.


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