5 Myths About Pregnancy Busted

Pregnancy is awesome!! Not only the pregnant woman but all the people around are anxious about the forthcoming baby. There are some liberations along with many restrictions about what a pregnant woman should do and what she must refrain from doing. Amid all these good & bad categorization, there are a few unbelievably untrue stories that must be heard and hushed. So, as far as pregnancy is concerned, there are a lot many myths that are associated. Scientifically, it has been proven that many of the old-wives tales have nothing to do with good pregnancy. People tend to follow the same out of fear and for the well-being of the baby. Just to open the eyes of many of the woman out there, below we have busted the most common myths associated with pregnancy that are being followed by almost all the pregnant woman:

Myth 1: Eating a coconut first thing in the morning will be helpful to have a fair-skinned baby.

Fact: This is nothing but an utter myth. Science claims that the color of the food that we eat is nowhere relevant to the complexion of the newborn. The complexion of the baby may vary depending on your genetics.

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