5 reasons of infidelity in a relationship

Infidelity is a leading cause of divorces and breakups around the world. People cheat on their loved ones, causing them to lose trust in the one who committed the cheating. People who are in love often question why someone would cheat on the one that they love. Infidelity has lead to many things such as tears and even violence in some cases. There are many things that could lead a person to commit an act of infidelity even if the other thinks that all is going well.

Lack of love:

Sometimes, the glory days of love are long gone in a relationship. One person could fall out of love or no longer have the passionate feelings that were once the foundation of the relationship. The relationship becomes dull and stagnant, and the person loses interest in the relationship. This lack of interest and love could serve as a powerful motive for infidelity.

Sexual desire:

Sometimes, a person in a relationship feels unsatisfied with the sex life. This could be because of a lack of interest or a wanting to try something new that your partner refuses to do. A change in sexual orientation or gender identity could also be a motive for infidelity.


Sometimes, a person feels that their partner is not paying enough attention to the relationship, or does not spend enough time. This person feels unappreciated in the relationship and starts to consider the relationship to be toxic. This person then starts to look for alternatives to find love.


Being drunk on a vacation or due to stress at work could be just a couple of the things that can lead a person to have moments of weaknesses where they conduct an act of infidelity. There are studies where people have committed infidelity just because they turned a certain age, like 25, 30, 40, or 50; these landmark ages can cause them to celebrate in certain ways.


Cropped shot of an unhappy young couple after a fight at home

Sometimes, people feel the peer pressure or a social responsibility to commit acts of infidelity just because the people in their social circles are doing so too. They think that infidelity will increase their social status and popularity.

Relationships are bonded with a sensitive thread of trust and even a minor strain can cause significant losses.

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