5 things that were invented in India

We are all proud Indians, but that is normal patriotism. However, there are things which have ensured that we, as Indians, can hold our heads high. Following are the five most interesting things that you would not believe were invented in India.


One of the primary things used in the fashion industry today, the buttons were first used in Mohenjo-daro. During those times, they were used as ornaments and not as tools for fastening. The first use of buttons was made in the Indus Valley Civilization in around 2000 BCE.


The game for the geniuses, Chess is one of the most popular games in the world right now. This indoor game is used to train minds of young adults, to understand strategical moves and patience. India is the country which takes credit of introducing the world to chess. It was developed during the Gupta Empire during the 6th century AD. The ancient version of chess is the Chaturanga.


This is one of the most useful tools in almost any industry, be it theoretical or practical. Measurements are taken in all industries and the ruler is the key tool. It was first used by the people of the Indus Valley Civilization years before 1500 BCE. Many rulers were excavated from the ruins of the Indian Bronze Age Civilization, giving strong evidence of the accuracy to which the people of that era measured stuff. The rulers that were found in the excavations were made out of ivory and even had decimal subdivisions on them.

Cotton Cultivation:

It is believed that the ancient Greeks used to wear animal skins and were not even aware of the existence of cotton. On the other side of the spectrum, the people in the Indus Valley Civilization started the cultivation of cotton during the 5th and the 4the millennium BCE. The trade of the cotton began from India and the word quickly spread around the world.

Things in Mathematics:

We all know that zero was invented in India. But are we also aware of the fact that things like the decimal system and the quadratic formula was also India’s gift to the world?

Did you know all these inventions are because of the veteran Indian minds?

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