5 Ways To Take Care Of Your Hair After A Chemical Job

Hair Care is very important for keeping them strong shiny and thick. Especially when you get chemical treatment such as smoothening, coloring, keratin etc, you need to take proper care so that they don’t get frizzy and start breaking. So given below are five ways to take care of your hair after chemical job.

Use products which are advised after treatment

Once you get any kind of hair therapy you hair become little delicate. So, in that case, you cannot use the same products which you were doing before the therapy. Get those products which the hair stylist has advised and used them for proper care.

Take regular spas

Whatever the chemical treatment is, it actually harms your hair. So, in that case, you need to take proper care of them. Go for regular hair spa session as it will make your hair strong and even maintain its shine. If the hair stylist has recommended a spa after fifteen days, you must take it like a medicine as it will make your hair better

Don’t give heat

Once you have done chemical treatment, avoid going for hair dryers, curlers or ironing rod. Don’t use any heating product as it can burn your hair and make them look frizzy and shabby. So let them stay naturally the way they after treatment.

Use conditioner

You might miss conditioner before going for the treatment but after chemical work, it is a must to use conditioner. You can miss on for the shampoo but using conditioner is quite important to maintain the shine and give proper nourishment to the hair.

Comb then brush

Once you have done chemical treatment, hair becomes delicate.  So in that case use comb for the hair which has wide openings so that all tangles are taken out easily. After that, you can brush them so that they are in the right way you want to style and even look neat.

So these are some of the things which you should keep in mind if you have chemically treated hair.


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