8 Vitamins That Help You Keep Up And Running

In the life where there is run for money and competition prevails in the market for twenty-four seven, everybody wants to stay at the top. Nobody wants to lose and for that everyone is doing whatever is possible.  There is a run for money actually. People have forgotten to take care of their health and have started going for food which is not healthy and this definitely is not good for the body. Most products we consume nowadays has artificial flavors, colors, preservatives and consist of many other harmful chemicals. And because of this, we people start falling sick which actually affects our lives and we are unable to fulfill our goals.

So for staying fit Vitamins are essential for the human body. So given below is the list of vitamins that the human body requires to stay fit, healthy and happy. These are essential in order to achieve a properly balanced diet.

Vitamin A

For healthy vision, skin, bones and other tissues in the body, vitamin A is the best source. Vitamin A also does the work of an antioxidant fighting cell damage, but it also has many other uses. In the normal formation and maintenance of the heart, lungs, kidneys and other vital organs, Vitamin A has a quite prominent role.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a water-soluble and dominant antioxidant which is must for a body. It helps the body in forming and maintaining connective tissue, including bones, blood vessels, and skin. It even is a great aid when it comes to repairing and regenerating tissues. It also protects against heart diseases, helps in the absorption of iron, prevents scurvy, and decrease cholesterol and triglycerides.

Vitamin E

Another great antioxidant is Vitamin E. Other than this, it balances cholesterol, repairs injured skin and also balances the hormones. A great number of problems related to the heart and blood including blocked arteries, high blood pressure, hardened arteries in the leg, varicose veins, diabetes and related complications, and nerve including Alzheimer’s diseases and dementia can be treated by consuming Vitamin E.

Vitamin B3, B5, B6, B9 and B12



For the human body, these vitamins are very much essential. Together, they help in the production of energy for the body to function easily. Vitamins like b6 help decrease stress and balance hormones. B9 reduces the danger of depression. And B12 works with vitamin B9 to produce red blood cells and helps iron create hemoglobin.

So, the easy way to get all these Vitamins is going for the right food and drinks. Water is the best source which gives everyone the vitamins which are required by a human body to stay balanced and healthy. So we should take care of our drink. Say no to unhealthy sodas and yes to vitamin-loaded energy drinks that do not consist of artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners or preservatives. These drinks have diverse benefits that will assist you to strengthen, detox and help amplify the body’s immunity.


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