Artificial sweeteners, a gift of health or a bitter gift

Artificial sweeteners or known as sugar substitutes are basically chemicals added to some foods and beverages to make them taste sweet. People often call them “intense sweeteners” because they provide a taste that is similar to table sugar but up to a number of thousand times sweeter. Although some sweeteners have calories, the amount needed to sweeten products is so small that you end up consuming almost no calories.

Eliminate the risks associated with high sugar intake

When it comes to the effect of artificial sweeteners on human health, some people find it a great option as it helps to reduce the risk of a number of health problems which come due to high sugar intake.

Lowers your craving for sugar

Even it is believed when you start consuming artificial sweeteners’, it lowers down your craving. You don’t feel hungry and even your consumption of sugar intake decreases. Basically, there is a loss in the diet which ultimately will help you to reduce weight.


Though some studies say that artificial sweeteners can be a reason for a number of diseases or are known as cancer-causing agents but there is no proof regarding it. Till the time clarity doesn’t come we cannot categorize this food item as risky.

Prevent tooth decay problem

Sprinkling refined sugar from a spoon into a cup of coffee


Even it is said that those people who consume artificial sweeteners instead of sugar are less likely to get any tooth decay problems.

Prevents many health problems

Even the studies have revealed, if people are found using artificial sweeteners, they won’t be facing headache, depression or any such problem. Actually, they are safe to be taken and they won’t result in any kind of problem.

Thus to conclude consuming artificial sweeteners is a gift for health and is not a bitter gift. People should remove all the myths regarding it as it is not a risky product.


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