Artists that must be banned ASAP

We all love artists be it actors, musicians or comedians but there are many Indian artists who have gained so much popularity even though they are the worst at their field. Following is the list of 5 Indian Artists that should be banned right now.

Anu Malik

We have all seen him on TV as the ‘Judge’ on the reality show Indian Idol, it must be quite evident as to why he is on the list. He has the voice of a bull and is known for infuriating comments to the contestants on the show where he judges future singers and must surely be banned.

Pritam Chakraborty

He is a music composer who has been really popular in India with his catchy song and music ‘He Creates’. He has faced a lot of heat for copying full compositions from different songs from different languages with very slight changes and you can find the full list online which is the exact reason why he must be banned.

Salman Khan

There are a lot of you people that may be infuriated by seeing his name on the list. Come on people, it’s time to face the truth. Salman Khan movies are the worst possible way to spend your hard earned money with really bad stories and scripts. It is the time for him to stop this and thus he is on our list of the celebrities that should be banned today.

Tanmay Bhatt

One of the core members of the comedy group known as AIB, he is an idol for the stand-up comedians in India. One of the initial stand up comedians in India, he has just lost his touch and has shifted from comedy to constantly criticizing the country and the government with regular irrational infuriating statements.

Kapil Sharma

Another comedian on the list is Kapil Sharma who set a benchmark for family comedy on TV. He has been recently in highlights for misbehaving with fellow actors and posing unrealistic demands to the producers and went to the extent of calling a news editor and abusing and threatening him. He clearly doesn’t appreciate the love he got from the public and also canceled various live shows at the last moment. This is the reason he must be immediately banned.




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