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5 reasons of infidelity in a relationship

Infidelity is a leading cause of divorces and breakups around the world. People cheat on their loved ones, causing them to lose trust in the one who committed the cheating. People who are in love often question why someone would cheat on the one that they love. Infidelity has lead to many things such as […]

Ways people use to cheat on their partner

Nowadays being in a relationship is liked by all but some people get bored after a certain period of time and knowingly or unknowingly get involved in other person and cheat their partners. Given below is the list of ways which people use to cheat there partner. You start complaining about your partner to people […]

How to lose weight when you are in a sitting job

Obesity is a common problem nowadays. The dietary habits of people plus lack of exercise leads to weight gain for the people. When we talk about obesity this is quite common in people who are in a sitting job and for them losing weight is quite tough. So given below are the tips on how […]

How to impress your bae: the modern age ways of romance

Relationships are a huge part of everyone’s lives. But with the times getting busier by the day, efforts required in a relationship are getting harder. Each one involved in the relationship has to work harder to ensure that the other one feels safe and comfortable and loved. However, if you know your partner well, there […]

Most Bizarre Wedding Dresses Ever

Weddings are a special day for the brides. The whole day is about the couple and they are the shining stars under the spotlight. The brides spend hundreds and thousands of dollars for the smallest things for the wedding. Dresses are the biggest investment that women make in terms of time and sentiment. Brides have […]

Celebrity couple that proves love is strong

When we talk about love, we cannot miss out on celebrity couples as they are truly an inspiration. They have sown that true love exists and have been together for years. They have the same chemistry from the very beginning and are very happy to stay together. So given below is a list of those […]

List of some celebrities along with their fitness secret

  When it comes to looking beautiful and fit, Bollywood celebrities’ definitely are the best examples for it. They put in maximum effort to keep their bodies toned up and look the best on screen. Given below is the list of some celebrities along with their fitness secret. Bipasha Basu This Bengali beauty is known […]