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5 Bollywood couples from reel life that gave several hits

  There are many on-screen couples who, over the years, have developed quite a good chemistry. Be it in love stories or action sequences, they have not failed to win our hearts. The simplest stories have turned into big hits only because the chemistry between the actors and the actresses was heart-warming. These favorite couples […]

5 Indian celebrities who are highly educated

When we think of Bollywood actors and actresses, all we think about is the entertainment that they provide us with. We do not look at them as qualified and highly-educated people. At most we would believe that they would have degrees in acting and theatre. But there are some actors and actresses who have degrees […]

5 phobias of Bollywood celebrities

It is very common to see that people nowadays have a phobia of water, fire, snakes, dogs etc. In the list of having phobia there exist famous Bollywood celebrities too who have a phobia of certain things. Given below is a list of those celebrities. Shahrukh Khan King Khan who is known for his acting […]

5 reality shows losers who became successful

We all have watched reality shows at some point in our lives and have appreciated the platform they provide for different artists to showcase their talent to the world. Hundreds of people participate in such shows with only one winner. You may think that the losers in these contests would just blend back into their […]

Amazing stories how your favorite stars were first discovered

When we talk about Bollywood, everybody was not from the Bollywood clan; they were actually hunted and discovered by the producers and directors. So given below is the list of those celebrities and stories regarding how they were discovered. Katrina Kaif This famous actress of Bollywood had no plans to enter the world. She was […]

Artists that must be banned ASAP

We all love artists be it actors, musicians or comedians but there are many Indian artists who have gained so much popularity even though they are the worst at their field. Following is the list of 5 Indian Artists that should be banned right now. Anu Malik We have all seen him on TV as […]

Bollywood celebrities who fought cancer

Bollywood celebrities have been facing ups and downs in life just like other humans. Cancer is a fatal disease which has even affected the Bollywood world. Given below is the list of Bollywood celebrities who fought cancer. Manisha Koirala Manisha Koirala who is famous for the Gupt movie has even faced a lot of problems […]

Bollywood Celebrities Who Fought In The Public

At parties, we usually observe people getting into arguments when they are having drinks. This is even common in Bollywood world. So given below are some incidents which give the details about Bollywood celebrities who fought in public. Varun Dhawan and Sidharth Malhotra On the birthday party of Karan Johar, Varun Dhawan and Sidharth Malhotra […]