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8 juices to stay young forever

We cannot deny the aspect that nobody wants to get old. Everybody wants to stay young and fit. We all believe that we should look the best. So given below is the list of some juices which one must drink to look young. Tomato juice Tomato juice comprises a rich amount of antioxidant, lycopene which […]

5 things that were invented in India

We are all proud Indians, but that is normal patriotism. However, there are things which have ensured that we, as Indians, can hold our heads high. Following are the five most interesting things that you would not believe were invented in India. Buttons: One of the primary things used in the fashion industry today, the […]

Butter Masking: The New Way To Glamorize Your Skin

Butter is generally a thing that is ought to be avoided by the diet conscious people. However, have you ever heard about applying the same on your face? Trust me, as per the latest skincare trends; butter-masking is a technique wherein a person requires rubbing the butter over their face to have a glowing skin. […]

How to lose weight when you are in a sitting job

Obesity is a common problem nowadays. The dietary habits of people plus lack of exercise leads to weight gain for the people. When we talk about obesity this is quite common in people who are in a sitting job and for them losing weight is quite tough. So given below are the tips on how […]

Most Bizarre Wedding Dresses Ever

Weddings are a special day for the brides. The whole day is about the couple and they are the shining stars under the spotlight. The brides spend hundreds and thousands of dollars for the smallest things for the wedding. Dresses are the biggest investment that women make in terms of time and sentiment. Brides have […]