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Countries that eat Animals Alive

There are some countries where the animals are cooked alive or eaten alive in their raw form. Sounds disgusting and morally wrong, but the local tradition and cultures in these countries make it seem quite normal. In fact, the sheer disgust involved in the process has piqued the interest of many international tourists, who visit […]

Some Guinness Book Records That You Can Try To Break

Being a world record holder has a certain charm and majestic feeling to it. Breaking an existing record has a more victorious feeling to it. There are some records like that of Michael Phelps or Usain Bolt which are quite impossible to beat. But, there are some other records which can be quite easily broken […]

Most expensive watches ever auctioned

Watches in earlier times, were only considered to be an instrument of telling the time. However, as per the changing trend and modernization, people have started treating this simple instrument as a sophisticated gadget to showcase their high standard of living. And now all the simple watches have been replaced with that of amazing smartwatches. […]

15 India Dishes That Aren’t Really Indian

When we talk about food, India is the best land where you can taste a variety of dishes. In the list of a large menu of this country, there exist some dishes which are actually not Indian. Given below is the list of those dishes. Vindaloo The meat curry which is loved by the non-vegetarians […]

Insane facts about McDonalds

McDonalds has become a big name as far as food industry is concerned in the entire world as it has done a lot since its establishment. However, still there are few of the unknown facts that might shock you regarding the reasons behind its being the most popular food chain in the world.  In this […]

Cute Kid Imitates her Masters In Exact Way

All kids are cute, but some have god-gifted cuteness. This Kid follows what exactly what her master does instead of following her verbal instruction. In the end she gets the propel message and breaks the brick.