Child Wetting The Bed, Here Are The Reasons And Possible Solutions

Bedwetting is considered to be the most common problem that every child goes through. Even we can say that it is not even a problem but just a phase of childhood. However, if this phase last for longer than the desired age, then it has to be considered as a problem. Bedwetting can damage the self-image and confidence of your child, thus ensure to deal with it in a quit wiser manner by just being supportive. Parents should provide that assurance to the child that it is a common problem that every child goes through and that they are confident that he/she will overcome the problem very soon.

It might frustrate you, or you might get exhausted of over-thinking that your child is already in school – and still he is wetting the bed at night. In this article, we will elaborate few of the general causes as well as the possible solution of this common problem that every child deals with.

Below are the few common causes that lead to the child wetting the bed?

  • The child is not able to hold urine for the entire night as of now.
  • Some of the children tend to have a smaller bladder volume than their peers. Or the child does not wake up as and when his/her bladder gets full.
  • The child tends to produce comparatively large amount of urine during the evening and night hours.
  • The child is not being properly toilet trained during the daytime. Therefore, many of the children got habitual of ignoring to pass the urine and keep holding as long as they possibly can. There are few of the symbols that parents are familiar with like “potty dance” characterized by leg crossing, face straining, squirming, squatting, and groin holding that every child uses while holding back the urine.

Once you have noticed the above-mentioned causes of bedwetting in your child, below are the potential solutions that you can opt for while helping your child to overcome:

  • Focus on the bedwetting:

Never blame or punish your child for wetting the bed. Always remember, it is really no in your child’s hand to control the bedwetting, therefore blaming and punishing will worsen the situation.

  • Be patient and supportive. 

Just keep calm and be supportive to your child for wetting the bed.

  • Enforce a “no teasing” rule in the family.

Never tease the child for wetting the bed neither allows anyone to do the same. As it might hamper the self-confidence as well as the mental stability of the child.

  • Make clean-up easy. 

If your child is having this problem, then it is highly recommendable to use washable absorbent sheets, layer sheets among waterproof bed covers, and use room deodorizers to avoid the haze. It will help you as well as your child to stay calm and slowly and steadily this problem will be overcome.

These are the possible causes as well as some of the precautionary actions that every parent should take care while dealing with their children.

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