Countries that eat Animals Alive

There are some countries where the animals are cooked alive or eaten alive in their raw form. Sounds disgusting and morally wrong, but the local tradition and cultures in these countries make it seem quite normal. In fact, the sheer disgust involved in the process has piqued the interest of many international tourists, who visit these countries specifically to try these dishes. You can sit at home and judge them all you want, but there is no denying the fact that the people in these countries enjoy what they eat and they do so with a great zeal.


This small country in the Eastern side of Asia, there are many animals that are eaten alive. One of the top animals eaten alive is the eel, which is served with vinegar and sake to make them jump around. There are many other seafood dishes like the Ikizukuri, a preparation of sashimi. Octopus, shrimp and lobster are also used often to prepare the dish.


There are many delicacies in the Orient which involve eating of live animals. There is a wide range of insects and sea foods that are eaten alive. Yin Yang Fish is a dish made by deep-frying and serving the fish while the head of the fish is still fresh and moving.



There is a general lack of foods rich in protein in the deserts of Australia, which is why there are some people who eat squirming bugs as if they are popcorn. 10 of the Witchetty bugs can fulfill your requirement for protein for a day.


There are many high-end restaurants in USA which serve live lobsters boiled alive. Oyster is another dish which is eaten raw in the United States and is considered as an aphrodisiac. There was a brief time in 2012, when cockroaches were eaten alive at a competition in Florida.


Live snakes, like the Cobra, are eaten alive in many Vietnamese restaurants. Famous world chef Gordon Ramsey tried the delicacy once, and he did not seem to like it too much. Ants are eaten served with a salad, chilled so that they move slower.

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