Did you know people drink their own urine, more facts bizzare like this inside

Yes, there are people in the world who drink their own urine. This could be a fetish or just a habit. But there are a lot of other things that people do which will disgust you right to your core. Here are some of those things:

There were times when people thought that boiled toads were a cure for rheumatism. There were rotted mice which were fed to children, believing that it could cure bed wetting. The next time you think that your parents are being harsh on you, think about the children 400 years ago.

A study conducted in London found out that one out of every six mobiles has fecal matter on it. You carry your cell phones to the wash rooms and also when you are eating food. The next time you do so, don’t or just wash it first.

One of the grossest things in your house is not the garbage can or the toilet. It is the kitchen sink.

Flies eat feces and transport the bacteria that are present on them anywhere they sit. They spread diseases like typhoid and dysentery. They land on your food and vomit a mixture of saliva and enzymes on the food. They also lay their eggs on the food which hatch into maggots.

Vultures prefer living on rotten flesh and poop on their own legs when they feel hot.

The hagfish is a blind and toothless fish which feasts on other dead fish. It looks for entries in the dead fish and enters the fish, eating them from the inside out.

We have come to love monsters like Frankenstein. The author of the book was Mary Shelley who had a pretty dark secret, her dead husband’s heart inside her desk. The heart had survived the cremation due to calcification, a result of tuberculosis.

The Romans used powdered mouse brains instead of toothpaste.

The Romans imported Portuguese urine and used it as a mouth freshener.

The office mugs that we love to have coffee in, contain 40% of the coli form bacteria.

These were some bizzare facts that you must have enjoyed reading.

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