Famous Bollywood films and huge mistakes you did not notice

Bollywood world has been one of the biggest entertainment industry and Hindi film celebrities are loved by people all over the world. There are a number of great movies which get grand openings every year and people just get crazy for them. Though there are few mistakes in such movies which we people actually don’t notice. Given below is a list of them.

Bhaag Milkha Bhaag

This movie got a lot of appreciation and even Farhan Akhtar got the awards for the same but in the movie, the period of 1950 is shown and Farhan is singing the song Nanha Munha Rahi Hun, the song which was actually released in 1962. So, this is something which we people did not bother but this mistake was there.


In PK it is shown that Sarfaraz is working in a Pakistani Embassy in Bruges. But in reality, there is no Pakistani Embassy there. The Pakistani Embassy is in Brussels. So this actually shows that it was a big mistake by the makers which probably some genius minds noticed.


In Ra. One, Shahrukh Khan plays the role of a South Indian who dies in an accident. It is shown that a South Indian has a Christian funeral, how is this possible? And to the more, it is also shown in the next seen that his wife Kareena Kapoor disperses his ashes in the river. So, how can she disperse the ash when it was a Christian funeral? Something confusing, Isn’t it?

Three Idiots

This movie is loved by people but even it had some mistakes. According to the scene, in the end, Suhaas is already in the wedding venue but then, later on, it is shown that he enters the wedding venue through the main gate like other guests? How is this possible? This little logic was not applied by the makers actually which made this scene look totally foolish.

Thus these are some of the mistakes which were present in these Big Block buster’s and some people did not actually notice them.


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