Food that may trigger a migraine

There are numerous of different factors that might lead to migraine including out eating as well as drinking habits. As per the Migraine Research Foundation, when we add on the food that triggers migraine to our diet that are being accompanied by many of the other migraine-causing triggers, the impact of the disease got immensely enhanced.

Though there are various things that contribute to the enhanced impact of this disease, however, there are few of the foods that are recommended to be avoided to the migraine patients. In this post, we have enlisted few of such foods that one should take precautions not to consume.


The optimum requirement of caffeine in our body needs to be fulfilled. Having too much of caffeine or even having caffeine withdrawal might also lead to migraines. According to the American Migraine Foundation, caffeine is one such thing that appears to be very much helpful in stopping the oncoming migraines. Coffee, tea, as well as chocolates contain a high amount of caffeine and hence are to be avoided by every migraine patient.

Artificial sweeteners

Many of the food items are being enriched by variant artificial sweeteners. Generally these are being used by the diabetes patients as an alternative to sugar. However, these artificial sweeteners can prove to be a big cause to migraines.


Alcohol is considered to be the most common as well as frequent products that highly contribute to trigger migraines. Red wine and beer specifically are the most dangerous things that triggers for about 25 percent of migraine patients. Alcohol causes dehydration which ultimately leads to developing headache.


After alcohol, chocolate is considered to be the next most common trigger for migraines. Approximately, it affects almost 22 percent of people that are suffering from migraines. Chocolates are rich in caffeine as well as beta-phenylethylamine that are the main cause for triggering headaches in most of the migraine patients.

Aged cheese

Aged cheeses are considered to be rich in a substance called tyramine. It forms when a food’s aging causes the breakdown of proteins. Therefore, we can say that the longer the cheese has aged, there will be higher amount of tyramine it will contain and this Tyramine finally leads to migraine. Feta, blue cheese and parmesan are the foods that are enriched with high amount of tyramine.

Pickled and fermented foods

Similar to that of aged cheese, pickled as well as all the fermented foods also contains the high amounts of tyramine. These foods includes pickles, kimchi, kombucha (which can also have alcoholic content), pickled okra, pickled jalapenos, hence these are to be highly avoided by all the migraine patients.

Salty foods

All the salty foods specifically that of salty processed foods containing those harmful preservatives are also considered to be the main cause for triggering migraines in some people. Salty foods are enriched with sodium that leads to the increased blood pressure, causing headaches or migraines.

These are few of the foods that are to be avoided by all the migraine patients to lead a healthy and happy life.

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