Parents of naughty kids? Here is how to control their unwanted behaviors

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Congratulation for being parents of adorable kids. By now you must have known that Kids can be a great trouble at times despite being so cute, lovable and innocent. This can make you worried as their parents and you may wish to inculcate good manners. Which parent would want the kids to get spoiled? So how do you handle this situation and how do you control unexpected behavior of the kids?

If you are one of those worried parents, here are some effective ways to manage it well:

Establish Control

Every parent wants to be friends of their kids, but you must not forget no matter how cool parent you are or try to be it is important to have control over your children. This makes them understand that what you are instructing them not to do isn’t simply one more friendly talks.

Make rules

Identify in which areas your kids are acting weirdly. Once you have this list, make rules for those activities/situations. This also helps children understand what is good and what is bad as sometimes they are simply not aware of good or bad at those early stages of life.

Link rule with consequences

Whenever your kid break rule or abide by that, subject him to consequence- reward for good behavior and constructive punishment for bad behavior. The punishment should be in the nature which helps kids understand the bad things. Harsh nature of punishment can spoil them even more.  But If your kid is really out of control a mere threat may not work. You need to be really careful while deciding punishment.

Clear the reason behind reward and punishment

There is no point in giving reward or punishment to your kid if he/she does not understand the reason behind. Explain them the reason behind.  This will not only make them do good things, but also develop the thinking of why something is good or bad.

These are a few ways that will help you inculcate good behavior in you kids and control the bad ones.

At last being a parent you know the needs of your kids the best. Every kid is unique and there must not be same way for dealing with all of them.

इसे हिंदी में पढ़ें

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