How to curb your social media addiction

Social Media is a great tool when it comes to receiving information but this tool has actually become an addiction. It is not just a source of entertainment or a source to attain information but a tool which has made people addicted to it. Given below are some ways by which you can curb your social media addiction.

Turn off your notification

For those who love social media have a notification for every social site. The best thing to do is turn off

The notification. When your notification is off you certainly tend t see the social sites less and you are engaged in your own kind of work. So this is the first step which you should begin with.

Spend time with the people you like

Friends talking in cafe


To get over with the craze for social media, start spending time with people whom you love. When you stay with people who are quite interesting and you feel good with then you ignore social media. You actually stay busy and then you don’t use it that much. So this can be a great way to get over with it.

Give yourself a time slot

To curb this social media addiction, make a time slot in which you will use social media. Once you have a fixed kind of time, your time for social media will decrease as your work is divided into different time slots. So by default, your time for social media reduces. Thus having a time slot is very important so as to make less use of social media.

Develop a new hobby

When you are too much into social media, the best thing is to develop a new hobby. When you start taking interest in new things then you can get over with social media. Developing a new hobby will consume your time and by this, your time for social media will reduce. Thus starting off a new task is a good activity which will enhance your creative skills and you will develop into a better person

Thus these are some of the ways to curb your social media addiction.


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