How to impress your bae: the modern age ways of romance

Relationships are a huge part of everyone’s lives. But with the times getting busier by the day, efforts required in a relationship are getting harder. Each one involved in the relationship has to work harder to ensure that the other one feels safe and comfortable and loved. However, if you know your partner well, there is not much you have to do in order to make them happy.

Breakfast in Bed

This is one of the oldest and best romantic gestures. Bringing a cup of coffee along with some eggs or toast and serving your partner, right after he or she wakes up is quite a special moment. Right at the beginning of the day, your partner will feel wanted and loved. They will feel cherished, and one day, who knows, they will return the same kindness.

Hugs and Kisses

After your partner has come from work, tired at the end of the day, they are craving for some love from you. Seeing him or her in that condition, make sure that they feel loved by hugging them or kissing them. The connection between you two will grow stronger with the growing intimacy. Trust levels will increase, as will the desire to be with one another.


One of the oldest gestures in the book of love, compliments go a long way into making your partner feel loved. Telling them that they look beautiful, sexy, or cute will bring out a smile on their mouth. They will feel hopeful right from the beginning of the day, and you will come out as their hero. Compliments have always been one of the best ways to impress someone, right from the ages of the medieval times.

Surprise Gifts

Whenever you go out to buy something for the household, make sure that you spend some time and thought into buying something special for your significant other. Something as simple as flowers is enough to cheer your loved one. Buy some small gifts in advance for the times that he or she is feeling low. Surprise them with gifts every now and then.

Be Spontaneous

Make plans on the spot when you know that your partner’s schedule is clear. Rent a car, kidnap your loved one, take them on a surprise vacation, and end the day with a beautiful dinner. Whatever you do, do not hint at the plans beforehand.

Hope these 5 ways will help your impress you bae and nurture your love bond to the best.


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