How to make you Sunday memorable

Sunday is a day when you have a holiday. So it’s like a day in which you want to experience complete relaxation or do activities which refresh you up and make you feel happy. Every person likes to do a different type of activities. So given below is the list of those which you should go along with your loved ones which will make your Sunday a memorable one.

  • Do cooking

Sunday is definitely a day when you should do cooking with your partner and make some lovely meal and enjoy having it together.

  • Watch TV, relax
TV Time — Image by © Simon Marcus/Corbis


This is another activity which you can opt. Just relax and watch TV whole day while oozing in your Pajamas. Order food from outside and have a super lazy Sunday.

  • Go for movie and shopping

The best activity to do is watch a movie. Go to some mall, enjoy watching a movie and then go shopping too. By this, you can whole day roam around and enjoy. If you are not married then make a scene for the same with friends.

  • Plan coffee dates and long drives

Going for a coffee date is quite a good idea where you can sip a cup of coffee with your favorite doughnut. This will be a great activity as by this you can visit the cafes of your town and enjoy the Sunday by having a quality chit-chat session with your pals at the coffee house.

  • Spend a Me time

Another option which you can choose is spending a day by yourself where you can read a book, listen to your favorite kind of music and do what makes you happy.

Thus these are some of the activities which you can choose to make your Sunday a happy and memorable one.


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