Insane facts about McDonalds

McDonalds has become a big name as far as food industry is concerned in the entire world as it has done a lot since its establishment. However, still there are few of the unknown facts that might shock you regarding the reasons behind its being the most popular food chain in the world.  In this post, we have enlisted few of such facts regarding McDonalds.

McDonald’s employs 1 in 8 Americans

McDonald’s is considered to be among the largest employers in the entire United States. As per the statistics, 1 out of every 8 Americans is being employed at a McDonald’s. The surprising thing is that McDonald’s hires approximately 1 million people per year that appears to be largest than any other company in the entire U.S.

More than 75 hamburgers are sold every second at McDonald’s

Being the most popular food chain of the world, there is no surprise that 75 hamburgers are sold every second. It really gives the justification of this being the largest good chain.

McDonald’s restaurants feed approximately 68 million people per day

When 75 hamburgers are being sold every second at McDonalds, It will not be that much harder to believe that it feeds 68 million people per day. However, to put it into perspective, 68 million people appear to be slightly more than the entire population of the UK and appears to be twice to that of the entire population of Canada.

Many Celebrities Have Worked At McDonald’s

There are many of the Hollywood celebrities who have worked at McDonalds in the initial years of their struggling career. To name the few, Rachel McAdams, Jay Leno, Seal, and Shania Twain, and many others have all worked at McDonald’s in their lifetime.

McDonald’s University is a real thing

Though not very much popular, apart from just a food chain, McDonalds has even opened up their own university. It is a real university located in Chicago, Illinois and officially named as Hamburger University. It basically provides training facility for restaurant managers as well as owners. It has been establishment in 1961 having approximately 80,000 students. They even offer a specialized program called Hamburgerology.

McDonald’s is the World’s largest distributor of toys

Due to the tremendous success its product named Happy Meal, McDonald’s has become among the leading toy distributor in the world. The toy being accompanied by this meal has become so much popular specifically among children that approximately 20% of McDonald’s entire sales involve Happy Meals only.

Some European McDonald’s Sell Beer

Generally you will not get to have beer at McDonalds, however, being a little more liberal than their North American counterparts, there are few of the outlets across Europe that sells beer. These locations include France and Germany being more specific.

McDonald’s opens a new restaurant every 14.5 hours

This shocking fact is that a new restaurant of McDonalds opens up every 14.5 hours in the entire world. That appears to be almost two new McDonald’s being opened up every day.

These are few of the unknown facts about one of the largest food chains in food industry in the entire world.

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