Mithun Chakraborty Son Charged With Rape Charges

Mithun Chakraborty’s son Mahaakshay Chakraborty charged by the court for raping women. The incident dates back to 2015 when he met a girl. He was under influence of drugs and so he built a relationship with the girl. They went off for some time and Mahaakshay or known as Mimoh by the loved ones promised her that he will marry her but things changed.

When Mimoh came to know that she is pregnant he tried to get the fetus aborted which was not possible. Later on, he promised the girl to talk to his parents and get married to her but he did not do anything. He gave her all the excuses to wait and later on he denied marrying her as he said their horoscopes don’t match.

This incident came in front of the public on is a day of marriage that is Saturday and so the marriage was even called off as police arrived there. The marriage was going to take place at a lavish hall in Ooty, but, due to the arrival of police team for investigation, the marriage could not take place and the bride’s family along with her left the place and did not perform any ceremonies. Even there was more development of the case as anticipatory bail was given to Yogita Bali who is the wife of Mithun Chakraborty. Even her involvement was there in all this scenario to some extent.

Even the women, who is the victim of all this said that when all doctors refused to go for the abortion, Mahaakshay gave him some tablets which lead to abortion. She further said that it could have risked her life too and was totally an injustice to her. So she wants her right should be given.

To this Delhi court said that they should be arrested but they arranged a special plea at Bombay Court and then got the pre-bail. The situation is still not clear and there is no complete proof of what is going to happen further but till the time marriage is called off and the family is being held in guilt.


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