Most Bizarre Wedding Dresses Ever

Weddings are a special day for the brides. The whole day is about the couple and they are the shining stars under the spotlight. The brides spend hundreds and thousands of dollars for the smallest things for the wedding. Dresses are the biggest investment that women make in terms of time and sentiment. Brides have the right to choose their dresses, but sometimes they go out of the way and make some weird choices. There are some dresses that brides have chosen over the years which have made quite a many guests uncomfortable.

Balloon Dress


Designer Thelma Levett made this dress herself and she has been experimenting with balloons for the past 15 years. She decided to make a wedding dress for her daughter, Vicky, and the dress was inspired by the one worn by the Duchess of Cambridge. 5,000 balloons were perfectly twisted to be shaped into the wedding dress.

Graffiti Dress

Regular white dresses at a wedding are quite common these days. However, spray painting on the dresses takes it a bit too far. Of course, the choice is quite personal and nothing to be judged, but you should not have ‘wifey’ tagged in blue on the back of the bride’s wedding dress. What took things even further was the graffiti tagging on the white shirt or jeans of the groom as well.

Flame Dress

Brides are moving away from the traditional wedding dresses and they are always looking for something that is out of the way of what they see in the bridal magazines. There is a bridal wedding dress which is covered in flames from the bottom-up. The wedding shoots are going to be quite risky but hey, it is non-traditional and much safer than actually setting them on fire.

Lights on Dress

A part of the “Big Fat Gypsy Wedding”, this dress actually lights up like one that would be worn by a Barbie doll. The bride had to be followed by someone holding a fire extinguisher in case of a fire hazard.

Cake Dress:

This dress was designed by Lukka Sigurdardottir, and was made entirely with edible cake. It was not meant to be practical but was meant to be beautiful work of art. Everyone was impressed with the dress.

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