Precautions During Pregnancy, How to Safeguard the First Trimester?

During the entire pregnancy progress, a woman generally results in panic and clueless as the journey is going to be long enough. The journey might not appear to be as smooth as anticipated. The first trimester of your pregnancy will eventually forecast a lot about the progression of your pregnancy into later phases. Therefore, it is being said to take crucial care of yourself during that phase as it will be helpful in pampering your pregnancy and avoid any complications.

Taking a few precaution during pregnancy can make the first trimester a stress free that could have been very stressful the other way around. In this article, we will be elaborating few of the common precautions to be taken during the first trimester of your pregnancy.

  • Stay hydrated

There is an enhanced requirement of fluid in the body of a pregnant woman. That is the reason that many of the women suffer from dehydration in the first trimester which might result in a miscarriage. Therefore, it is strictly recommendable to have a plenty of water, fresh fruit juices, smoothies and also eating watery vegetables to stay hydrated.

  • Quit Smoking and Alcohol

There is no scope for having a little amount of alcohol, smoking, and drug during pregnancy. Consuming alcohol during the pregnancy, specific first trimester may cause fetal alcohol syndrome which might affect the mental well being and facial features of the child. As far as smoking is concerned, it might result in miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy. Women who smoke during pregnancy are more likely to have a premature delivery.

  • Caffeine

Science claims that the consumption of more than 150mg of caffeine per day during the first trimester may be a primary reason risk of miscarriage. Therefore all the pregnant woman should avoid consuming green and black tea, colas and sodas as well as chocolates that contain caffeine.


  • Stay Away from Certain Foods

Though eating healthy food is a necessity in pregnancy, however, there are certain items that are strictly restricted to all pregnant women.  Soft unpasteurized cheeses, raw eggs are recommendable to be avoided. Also, all the foods containing raw eggs such as mousse, salad dressings, raw fish, and processed meats are considered to be avoided as a precautionary measure during the first trimester.

  • Exercise and sound sleep

It is quite necessary to undergo some gentle exercises every day. These are very much helpful in preventing back pain, boost your energy and build stamina. Also, taking small naps at the regular intervals is required due to various hormonal changes that take place during the pregnancy leaving you to feel worn out. Also, make sure that you get ample uninterrupted sleep every night.

  • Take Prenatal Vitamins

Taking all the prenatal vitamins in a timely manner as prescribed by the doctor is something that cannot be neglected at all specifically during the first trimester. It is recommendable for every pregnant woman to have at least 400 mcg of folic acid every day. Never miss the iron and folic acid supplements.

So, follow these precautions cautiously and have a happy pregnancy!!


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