Side business of your favorite celebrities

When we talk about earning money, Bollywood celebrities are way too smart. You cannot deny the fact that like every other human they even try their best to get the maximum income. So, in this case, a number of B Town Celebrities have other business leaving there acting career. Given below is a list of it.

Twinkle Khanna


Twinkle Khanna has been a great actress in the past but after her marriage with Akshay Kumar, she stepped back from the industry. Presently she is running a candle business with her mom Dimple Kapadia which is simply amazing. The business is not constrained to Indian boundaries but it is way too successful in other parts of the world and this mother-daughter combination is making great money from it. Even she is a great writer and has written two books which have fetched her good amount.

Karisha Kapoor

Karishma Kapoor or Lolo has always been in the highlights for her acting, her fashion sense, socially activism etc. Karishma has now taken a wise move and has taken over a portal which works online. It sells baby and mother care products and this business is quite vast. She makes a good hefty amount from this.

Salman Khan

Salman Khan has not won hearts with his acting but his venture Being Human is loved by people. This brand sells clothes which are pretty amazing. Some amount of the purchase is further sent to needy people. So by this Salman is making money for himself and is helping the society as well.

Dino Morea

We have not lately seen this actor but it actually seems that this model turned actor is happy with his other business. Dino Moria has Crepe Restaurant come bars all over the country which are quite successful. They are running too good and are famous all over for the best pancakes they offer. E even runs retail like Cool Mall which was inaugurated by Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Dino Morea is quite happy with these businesses and has taken a step back from Bollywood world.

Thus, these are some of the celebrities who have side business leaving the Bollywood acting career.


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