Tips To Spot Fake Bags And Buy Original Only 

Nowadays carrying a bag along with the matching outfit is a must for every girl. The women like to carry beautiful branded bags with their dresses but sometimes they pay for original and buy fake ones. Yes, u read it right. Duplicity has taken a great place and now fake bags are present in the market. So given below are some tips on how to spot fake bags and buy original ones.

Check the knowledge of the seller

You might be going to big stores but there too you can come across the fake bag. In that case, ask the seller about the product, go deep into details and you will be able to make out that the bag is real or not.

Check the inner fabric

When you buy products, they might look the same from outside just like the original ones but check their inner cloth. The quality of the cloth and finish inside will give you a clear hint.

Check the stitching

If the stitching of the bag is sloppy, slanting or uneven then you can surely see that the bag is not real. Genuine bags have a proper stitching which is not in a haphazard manner.

Check the logo

Usually, people just look at logo from a far distance and say yes. You need to notice that the sign is exact and even the spellings used are correct. Do research online about this and compare with the one you are planning to buy.

Check the place of manufacture

When you buy the bag, see the place of manufacture mentioned on it and compare it with the place where the company has explained it on its site. By that, you will be pretty sure that is your bag an original product or not.

Thus these are some of the ways by which you can check the authenticity of the bag.


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