This Is Why You Should Wash New Clothes Before You Wear Them

Shopping is all time favorite for many of us out there. And purchasing apparels is like a wish come true. No doubt everyone loves to wear new clothes every time they would like to hang out. Wearing new clothes is not only all about charm but also sometimes becomes a demand of the situation. However, the biggest mistake that many of us commit out of the charm is that we wear them directly without giving a proper wash. Most of us even claim that new clothes are just “perfect” wherein colors are bright; lines are pretty crisp as well as pristine. And washing them will just take away all these admiring features of the new clothes, so why do we need to wash them and take a huge risk of changing the look of the apparel before even wearing them for the first time.


All of the newly bought things including that of the shirts, shoes and, pants do contain little to moderate amounts of bacteria in them. The harsh truth that is hard to believe is that all the new items are considered to be significantly dirtier than those second-hand ones. If we go deep inside, underwear is the worst especially the packaged ones. Many of the health experts even proclaimed that we would wash probably everything that we have newly bought prior getting them to use. Some of the experts even recommend using a combination of hot water along with bleach to ensure utmost cleanliness of the bought stuff.

Spain, Asturias, Close up of fashion clothing ordered in hangers at boutique store

Further, we will be elaborating the three reasonably good reasons that have made many of the people to start washing the new clothes prior wearing.

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