World’s 1st Baby Born Using New, Controversial ‘3-Parent’ Technique — It’s ‘A Milestone’

Something magical has happened recently that is pretty huge! For the first time in the history of the world, an absolutely normal baby has taken birth with the help of ‘three-parent’ technique by a U.S. based medical team in Mexico. Doctors even claimed that the baby has turned 5 months old now and is absolutely fine and healthy.  “3-parent” technique is a new method wherein parents with genetic mutations are made possible to have a healthy baby.

It is nothing less than a milestone achieved in the medical history. It’s a baby boy who has taken birth using a revolutionary technique wherein the genes of three parents are being combined that combined. This appears to be a bit confusing!! Isn’t it? Let me explain as to how it actually works.

Just like all the human being, a five-month-old boy does carry DNA from both of his parents. However, he also carries a small piece of genetic code from a donor as well. This has been done so that he can avoid inheriting a genetic condition from his mother that could kill him.

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