World’s 1st Baby Born Using New, Controversial ‘3-Parent’ Technique — It’s ‘A Milestone’

Dr. John Zhang, is an expert who led the medical team from New York City’s New Hope Fertility Center once gave the below statement to  Daily Mail Online:

“This is a milestone technique; it proves for the first time that genetic information from three people can avoid disease… We now know reconstitution of human eggs can produce a healthy baby.” 

Ever before deciding upon the name of the child, Dr. Zhang has even revealed some of the crucial details regarding the family’s heartbreaking journey that leads to having a healthy biological child. The mother of the child is having Leigh syndrome, it is basically a fatal disorder that does affects the overall development of the entire nervous system. There were high chances that this could also be transmitted on to the baby in her mitochondrial DNA.

Due to this fetal disorder only, she has lost two of her children by inheriting the disease. It was a girl who lived for over six years and the other one was an eight-month-old baby. And hence, this time both the parents wanted to make sure that their baby would live for longer. However, due to the strict regulations in the United States, Dr. Zhang’s team decided to take the nearest country without legislation to block them — Mexico.

The boy has finally taken a birth through a technique called spindle nuclear transfer. It is a technique wherein Dr. Zhang has removed the nucleus from one of his mother’s eggs, and is further being inserted in a donor egg that had its nucleus removed. And finally this egg was finally being fertilized with sperm from the baby’s father.

Just in order to criticize, the procedure is nothing different from the genetic modification of humans, or even “playing God”. However, it really does not matter as to how people are feeling; this technology is surely going to improve and take a high in the forthcoming medical future.

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